Gendron Design and Innovation, Inc.
We use data and user-centered design to help healthcare organizations elevate their processes, products, culture and patient experiences.



1. Workshop series

Through facilitating a series of interactive workshops, GDI will guide your organization’s stakeholders in discovering and defining business challenges, and in designing and delivering tangible solutions. We leverage tools and models that are customized specifically for the healthcare sector and for your organization’s unique needs. The design of our workshops is fueled by a deep understanding of your organization and its overall business strategy.


2. pop up innovation labs

GDI will provide the framework, as well as the research and creative methods, for your healthcare leaders to innovate in a pop up lab environment inside your organization. This model gives healthcare leaders the opportunity to collaborate, ideate, prototype, and problem solve for projects that are important to them and to the organization at large. The pop up lab is designed for organizations looking to incrementally establish an internal culture of healthcare innovation.