Here’s a sampling of our most recent engagements.


Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital, Family Experience

GDI worked with the Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital to further improve the family experience for NICU patients. Through interactive workshops, onsite observations, and stakeholder interviews, GDI gathered key insights that were then analyzed through the lens of journey mapping, related frameworks, and peer-reviewed literature. Our team provided a set of recommendations to address the most impactful areas of opportunity.


Nemours Children’s Health System, Luminary Programs

In collaboration with senior executives and selected physicians at Nemours Children’s Hospital, GDI led a strategic initiative to develop frameworks, workflows, evaluation tools and management models for the hospital’s signature Luminary Programs. Fueled by stakeholder interviews, broad field research and a desire to better engage the employee community in the latest organizational endeavors, GDI created a playbook to help managers and the leadership team systematize the luminary programs and associated activities.


Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, Branding and Messaging

Using a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary approach, GDI is currently evolving and refining the branding and messaging of CORE, the Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation at YNHH. Our ongoing efforts will focus on implementing and activating the evolved branding and messaging externally, as well as on equipping CORE’s workforce with a system for promoting and celebrating the organization’s purpose, mission and culture.


TSAI Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale, Intensive Program

Medicine is transitioning to an era of shared decision making, helping patients weigh their options and make choices that best fit their values, preferences and goals. In collaboration with cardiologists Harlan Krumholz and Erica Spatz, GDI led a group of students in understanding, analyzing and imagining potential user experience enhancements to the Statin Choice Decision Aid. GDI engaged students in design thinking activities and frameworks, helping them apply user-centered design methodologies to solve problems related to the features of the digital tool, as well as to the overall emotional experience of using it.